GenRocket Domains may be created with database schemas or without database schemas.  GenRocket was designed with the following ideas about data models:
  • Many databases are poorly normalized and lack good referential integrity
  • Many organizations lack knowledge of their database schema
  • In many situations, the data model does not exist before new code is implemented
  • Data models are in a constant state of change

GenRocket does not require DB Schemas to generate data or to define parent, child and sibling relationships: 
  1. GenRocket allows quick and easy creation and modification of any Domain model
  2. GenRocket Domains control their own referential integrity via parent, child, and sibling relationships irrespective of the data model
  3. GenRocket automatically handles refactoring of Scenarios when Domain relationships change
  4. Within a GenRocket Scenario, you can quickly change Domain parent, child and sibling relationships to produce the type of data you need and maintain referential integrity of the generated data

Database schemas are always evolving; GenRocket was designed with this in mind;  even when your schema is not finalized for testing the user stories of a sprint, you can keep changing your GenRocket Domains; GenRocket will automatically handle the refactoring of all Scenarios associated to the Domains.