By default, a generated delimited file will have headers when using the DelimitedFileReceiver. These headers are the Attributes used to generate the file. 

For example, if the Attributes are Id, firstName, and lastName, then headers with the same name will be present in the generated delimited file by default. 

The includeHeader Parameter may be used to remove these headers from the generated file. When set to False, the headers will not appear in the generated output file.

How to Change the includeHeader Parameter to False

To remove the headers from the generated delimiter file, you will need to change the includeHeader Parameter to False for the Receiver and then run the Scenario again to generate the file.

  • Click on the Receiver for the Domain within the GenRocket Web Platform.

  • Next, click on the includeHeader Parameter within the Parameters Tab and change it to False.

  • Click the Save button to save the change for the Receiver.

  • Finally, download the Scenario again and run it on your local computer to view the new file with no headers. The following is a sample output file in comma delimited format with no headers.

Note: If you are still seeing the headers after changing the includeHeader Parameter to False, then your Receiver Jar File may be outdated. To learn more about checking the Jar File version, please see How to Check the GenRocket Jar File Version.

Note: If you would like to include the header in the file again, set the includeHeader Parameter to True, save the change, download the Scenario, and run it again on your local computer.