There are several Generators that can be used to easily and quickly create a list of values that can then be used to generate test data.

  • ListGen - The Generator generates items from a provided list in sequential or random order.


  • ListCSVGen - This Generator loads its items from from column data within a CSVFile.  
  • ListMultiWaitGen - Allows you to enter multiple items in a list and assign a wait (repeat) amount for each of those items. A wait amount is the number of times a value is repeated before moving onto the next value in the list.


    • valueList -> [Apple, Grape, Banana]
    • waitList = [1,3,2] would produce the following generated sequence of values:
    • Apple, Grape, Grape, Grape, Banana, Banana, Apple, Grape, Grape, Grape, Banana, Banana, Apple...
  • PermutationGen - This Generator generates all possible combinations of data for a given set of values.