It is possible to configure stand-alone GMUS servers over a private network by making changes in the /etc/hosts file and adding an entry in the networking device (router).  To run the GMUS on the system acting as a server, the following configuration steps are required:

Step 1 - Modify the /etc/hosts file

Within you /etc/host file, make the following modifications:

  1. Modify your local host line,    localhost, to 
  2. Modify your line forward to your local host, <SYSTEM_IP_ADDRESS>   localhost

Note: You don't have to use,; it's just an example.

Example /etc/host Configuration

Step 2 - Start the GenRocket Realtime Rest Engine

  1. On the server where you want to run the GMUS, launch a command line terminal
  2. At the command prompt, launch the secured GMUS with the following command 
    • genrocket -gmussr <portNumber>

Example Launch of GMUS

The following image show the secured GMUS launch on port 9010.

Step 3 - Test the Connection

Make a rest call via a secured protocol from any server, to the GMUS server.  Use the ubiquitous Advanced REST Client application.