A Scenario Chain Set is a set of scenario chains linked together to run in a sequence. 

This feature is often used when building data for complex data models. A Scenario Chain Set behaves like a normal GenRocket Scenario — you download a single file to generate the test data on your machine.


In the example below, two Scenario Chains have been set up for Users and Customers. Each chain has multiple Domain Scenarios:

  • CustomersScenarioChain - CustomersScenario,PurchasesScenario
  • UsersScenarioChain - DepartmentScenario, UserScenario, AddressScenario

Each may be downloaded and run separately for the Domain Scenarios they contain.

A Scenario Chain Set may be created to download a single file and run both Scenario Chains. 

The Scenario Chain Set contains both Scenario Chains, as shown below and can be downloaded as one file to run locally.

All 5 Scenarios will be run when the Scenario Chain Set is run in the command terminal: