GenRocket has currently 4 management tabs. Each of the tabs serves a different purpose.

Project Version Variable Tab

In the Project Management tab, you can Manage Project Version Variables. Project Version Variables are a copy of the Domain Global Variables with specific values. Each time a new Project Version Variable set is created, a copy of each of the Domain Global Variables are added. You can then edit the value for each of these variables. 

You can then specify which set you want your Scenario to use when downloading your Scenario. 

View this article to see how to edit a Project Version Variable.

Configuration Management Tab

In the Configuration Management tab, you can create a configuration file that is required to create, nested JSON by JSONSegmentMergeReceiver, nested XML  by XMLSegmentMergeReceiver and SOAP request by SOAPSegmentMergeReceiver. 

Migration Management Tab

In the Migration Management Tab, you can manage the configuring of the migration of a table from a source database to a table in a destination database with synthetic data replacement.  Please click here to know more about GenRocket Database Migration.

Generator Tags Tab

In the Generator Tags Tab, you can manage the tagging of Generators. Generator Tags allows you to automatically assign a Generator to an attribute intelligently. Please click here for to know more about Generator Tags.