Yes, GenRocket can generate data and output data to mainframes in the required format via GenRocket's fourth component a GenRocket Receiver.  A GenRocket Receiver morphs generated data into a specific output format.   

A GenRocket Receiver does not know that it's delivering its formatted data to a mainframe or a PC. It only knows that it is supposed to deliver the data in its specific format to a given destination. The destination can be anything that is able to receive and use the formatted data.  Here are two basic examples:

  1. Mainframes that use VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) method for storing and retrieving files, the GenRocket FixedFileReceiver would most likely be used to output the generated data.

  2. Any mainframe that contains a database that can be accessed via JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) can receive generated data, in real-time, via our GenRocket GenericSQLInsertReceiver, which can connect directly to a database via JDBC even if it is on a mainframe.

We currently have 51 Receivers that can morph data to many different formats. However, If you have a customer who requires data in a format that we do not currently support, then after gathering the specifications for the required output format, we can normally turn out a new GenRocket Receiver in one to two weeks. We normally create new Receivers at no cost to the customer because we can add it to our growing list of Receivers for all GenRocket customers to use.