A Domain can be copied or replicated for a selected Project/Project Version from within the Domain Dashboard. When a Domain is copied, its Attributes and assigned Receivers will be copied to the new Domain.

How to Copy/Replicate a Domain

  • Open the Domain you wish to copy/replicate within the Domain Dashboard. This can be done by clicking on the Domain within the Project Dashboard.

  • Click the Copy button.

  • Choose from the drop-down, the Project Version you wish to put the replicated Domain. This can be a Project Version within the same Project or for a different Project.

  • You may rename or keep the original Domain name. Take note that if you are going to replicate the Domain in the same Project you MUST rename the new Domain.

  • Then click the Save button.

  • The copied/replicated Domain will appear in the Domains Pane within the Project Dashboard for the selected Project and Project Version.