This method is used to delete a Recording.

Recording Naming Convention

A recording name should have the format of organizationName.recordingName. The organizationName is not mandatory; however adding some type of nameSpace prepended to the recordingName is advised.


  • Acme.TransactionHeader
  • ComCo.UserRecording
  • CableTron.AR


The following GenRocket exceptions may be thrown by this method:

  • Recording was not found; check the name of the recording.

Runtime Method Signature

Use this method signature when directly accessing the GenRocket binary runtime.

recordingDelete(String recordingName)

REST/Socket Payload Request

Use this API JSON request payload when making an API call to the GenRocket REST or Socket Engine.

  "interfaceType": "Manual",
  "methodName": "recordingDelete",
  "parameters": {
    "recordingName": ""

REST/Socket Payload Successful Payload Response

The API JSON response payload for this method will be empty.

  "responseType": "OK",