Inclusive Definition

Within a set of one or more options A, B, C..., at least one option must be true. Inclusive is a bi-directional constraint.


A user has the option to get an electronic statement or a paper statement or both.  In an inclusive test case, both options can't be false at the same time; so, the user is going to choose at least one type of statement or both.


Who are the actors for our story?

  • User:  The object attempting to choose a statement type
  • Statement:  The object the subject is attempting to choose 

Test Cases

What are the test cases necessary to define in order to cover all exit points?

  1. Choose electronic statement - The user selects to get an electronic statement.
  2. Choose paper statement - The user selects to get a paper statement.
  3. Choose both - The user selects to get an electronic statement and a paper statement.

Variables & States

What are the variables needed to check our test cases, and for each variable, what states are needed?

  • statement 
    • Get Paper Statement
    • Get Electronic Statement

GenRocket Pairwise Configuration

Domain Definition

Pairwise Function

Pairwise Test Case Variables

Pairwise Variable - electronicStatement

Pairwise Variable - paperStatement

Pairwise Test Case Constraints


This one inclusive constraint covers all three test cases.

Pairwise Matrix

Pairwise Test Cases