Exclusive Definition

Given options A, B, C... at most one option may be true or all must be false.  Exclusive is a bi-directional constraint.


Based on the given balance within a user's combined accounts (Savings, Checking, Credit Card and Building Loan), the user will be granted certain rewards. However, the balance of the credit card may not exceed 100,000.


Who are the actors for our story?

  • Balance: The object triggers the reward level
  • Product: The object attempting to receive the reward

Test Cases

What are the test cases necessary to define in order to cover all exit points?

  1. Small Balance < 10,000 - If balance is less than 10000, then no rewards.
  2. Medium Balance >= 10,000 and < 100,000  - If balance is greater than or equal to 10000 and less than 100000, then no annual fees.
  3. Large Balance > 100,000 - If balance is greater than 100000, then no annual fees and 2% increase in the interest rate.

Variables & States

What are the variables needed to check our test cases, and for each variable, what states are needed?

  • balance 
    • Large
    • Medium
    • Small
  • product
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Credit Card
    • Building Loan
  • customer (added to highlight the purpose of constraints)
    • Corporate
    • Retail
    • Government

GenRocket Pairwise Configuration

Domain Definition

Pairwise Function

Pairwise Test Case Variables

Pairwise Variable - balance

Pairwise Variable - product

Pairwise Test Case Constraints


This one inclusive constraint covers all three test cases.

Pairwise Matrix

Pairwise Test Cases