Mask Definition

If variable A is in a given state, then variables B..Z either do not exist or they will be ignored.  Mask is a uni-directional constraint.


A set of test cases are needed to test an Account Login Form.  The test cases must ensure that, during the login process, all proper exit points are covered. In essence, when a user attempts to log in to their account and enters an invalid username or password, the user is not allowed into the Account.


Who are the actors for our story?

  • User:  The subject attempting to login to the account
  • Account:  The object the subject is attempting to gain access 

Test Cases

What are the test cases we need to define in order to cover all exit points?

  1. Check invalid userId -  User is trying to login and enters an invalid user Id, so password and account is not accessible.
  2. Check invalid password - User is trying to login and enters a valid user Id but an Invalid password, so account is still not accessible.
  3. User enters account  - User enters a valid user Id and a valid password, so use enters account.

Variables & States

What are the variables needed to check our test cases, and for each variable, what states are needed?

  • userId 
    • valid
    • invalid
  • password
    • invalid
    • valid
  • account
    • accessible

GenRocket Pairwise Configuration

Domain Definition

Pairwise Function


Pairwise Test Case Variables

Pairwise Variable - userId

Pairwise Variable - password

Pairwise Variable - account

Pairwise Test Case Constraints

1st Constraint

2nd Constraint

Pairwise Matrix

Pairwise Test Cases