The CompareStringGen Generator returns ‘true’ or ‘false’ based on whether two string values are equal [EQ] or not equal [NE].


The following parameters may be configured for the CompareStringGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required.   

  • Operator* – Defines the type of compare operation that will be taken on the two strings.

  • IgnoreCase* – Determines if the comparison should be case sensitive.

  • value1* – Defines the first string to compare.

  • Value2* – Defines the second string to compare.

Example 1: Compare Random Colors in 2 Lists

This example shows how to use the CompareStringGen Generator to compare random colors generated by 2 separate lists: 1st_list (gen1) and 2nd_list (gen2).

For this example, the ListGen Generator is linked twice to the CompareStringGen Generator. The Parameters are configured as follows: 

  • operator = EQ (Equal)
  • ignoreCase = true
  • value1 = References ListGen Generator (gen1)
  • value2 = References ListGen Generator (gen2)

Note: To learn more about using the ListGen Generator, click here. To learn more about linking Generators, please see this knowledge base section: Linked Generators.

Below are the ListGen Generator Parameter configurations for each random list of colors: 

Value 1 (gen1): 

Value 2 (gen2): 


Sample Output

As shown below, when the random colors match in each of the 2 lists, the result will be true.