Project Version Copy is a feature that lets users quickly replicate everything in an existing GenRocket Project. 

It's common to have software applications go through life cycles. Testers need test data versions to test the old application and a different version to test the new software application. GenRocket Project Version Copy makes it easy to create different versions of your Project to exactly match the different versions of your software. 

Note: It is also possible to copy a subset of Domains from one Project Version to another. For more information, see How to copy a subset of Domains to a Project Version.

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How Often Can a Project Be Copied?

  • You can copy the same project every 24 hours; this is to limit the risk of users copying the same project at the same time.

How to Copy a Project Version

Complete the following steps to copy a GenRocket Project: 

  • Select a Project and Project Version to copy/replicate.
  • Within the Project Versions Pane, expand the Manage Menu and select Copy Version.

  • Select Copy Whole Project Version and click Next.

  • Select the Project Version you would like to copy within the Copy From drop-down menu.

  • Enter a Version Number.
    • A required field. 
    • Numeric value. 
    • This is where you enter the version number (e.g. 1.1, 1.2.0). It should be unique within a project. 

    • This is reflected in the Project Versions Pane under the Ver column.

  • Enter a Code Name. This is the name of the Project Version that is being created.

    This is reflected in the Project Versions Pane under the Description column.

  • Click the Save button to finish.

  • A pop-up window will appear to notify you that your project version copy is in the queue.

  • You can also see the status of your project version copy within the Queue Status Pane. If it does not display in the pane, kindly click on the Refresh button. The Project Version Copying process should only take a few minutes depending on the size of your project. To see if the copying is done, click on the Refresh button within the Queue Status Pane.

  • Once the copying process has finished, the new version of the project will appear within the Project Versions Pane.