Updating the new GenRocket Runtime

These instructions are specific to the release. You can view the original Runtime installation instructions here: 

Step-1: Download GenRocket Runtime

  • From your GenRocket web app, top navigation bar, open "Options"
    • Click "Download Runtime #.#.#"

Version number may be different from the screenshot

Step-2: Replace the older Runtime Folder 

  • Navigate to your home directory 
    • On Windows this is usually C:\Users\*Your Username*\
    • On MacOS/Linux it is usually: /Users/*Your Username*/
  • Delete the "genrocket" folder. (Sometimes your folder might include the version number also "genrocket-#.#.#" (the #'s are digits))
  • Unzip the new Runtime
  • Rename the folder from "genrocket-#.#.#" (the #'s are digits) to "genrocket"
  • Move genrocket folder to your home directory 

Step-3: Update Environment variables

    If your existing genrocket folder in your home directory has the version number, you need to update the the Environment Variables as well. If your genrocket folder does not have any version number, you can skip this step.

  • Windows users, use this article for reference on how to access the Window's Environment Variables  
    • Update "GEN_ROCKET_HOME" variable to point to the new runtime. 
    • Example:  C:\Users\yourName\genrocket
  • Linux/MacOS users, use this article for reference 
    • Open your .bash_profile and update your GEN_ROCKET_HOME variable to point to the new runtime. 
    • See example below: 
export GEN_ROCKET_HOME=~/genrocket

Run GenRocket

  • Open a command line terminal and type "genrocket"
  •  If you don't receive any errors, you are all set.