The CenturyDateFormatGen Generator re-formats a date from a referenced date Attribute into a Century formatted date. 


  • yyyy-MM-dd to ccyy-MM-dd
  • 2000-06-24 to 2100-06-24
  • 1997-03-20 to 2097-03-20


The following parameters may be configured for the CenturyDateFormatGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required.   

  • referenceDate - Defines the Attribute to reference. This Attribute must return a formatted date value.

  • referenceFormat - Defines the date format of the Attribute being referenced. It must match the date format of what has been defined for the referenced Attribute or the generated values will not be accurate.

  • centuryFormat - Defines the century format.

Example 1: Change Century of a Date(gen1) Provided in referenceDate Parameter

For this example, the FlexibleDateRangeGen Generator will need to be linked to the CenturyDateFormatGen Generator. 

The FlexibleDateRangeGen Generator will be referenced for the referenceDate Parameter in the CenteryDateFormatGen Generator configuration.

The configuration for the FlexibleDateRangeGen Generator will appear as shown below: 

Note: To learn more about linking Generators, please see this section of the knowledge base: Linked Generators.

Sample Output