The CompareNumberGen Generator compares two numbers using [EQ, NE, LT, LTE, GT or GTE] and returns a Boolean result.


The following parameters may be configured for the CompareNumberGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required.    

  • operator* - Defines how the two numbers will be compared to each other.

    • EQ - Equal

    • NE - Not Equal

    • LT - Less Than

    • LTE - Less Than Equal

    • GR - Greater Than

    • GTE - Greater Than Equal

  • valueType* - Defines type of numbers to be compared.

  • value1* - The left side of the comparison.

  • value2* - The right side of the comparison.

Example 1: Check if number in value1 Parameter is equal to number in value2 Parameter

This example involves three linked Generators: RandomGen (Twice) and the CompareNumberGen. For this example, the following Parameters have been configured for the CompareNumberGen Generator: 

  • operator = EQ (Equal)
  • valueType = Integer 
  • value1 = References RandomGen (gen1)
  • value2 = References RandomGen (gen2)

Note: To learn more about linking Generators, please see the following knowledge base section: Linked Generators.

The configurations for each RandomGen Generator are shown below:

 Value 1:




Value 2:

Sample Output

gen3 = The result of the comparison if value 1 is equal to value 2.