The GenRocket Runtime consists of a set of Jars that can be loaded and executed by a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to load and run GenRocket Scenarios. Our GenRocket Jars are dependent on this set of Jars.

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GenRocket Jars

The GenRocket Runtime consists of the following set of Jars: 

  • genrocket.jar - Contains classes that interpret user command line input, validate user/server profiles (license check), package requests, and launch the GenRocket engine
  • gr-engine.jar - Contains the core engine classes that run GenRocket Scenarios
  • gr-generators.jar - Contains all GenRocket Generator classes
  • gr-receivers.jar - Contains all GenRocket Receiver classes
  • gr-grepository-servers.jar - Contains classes that create and run a G-Repository Server
  • gr-grepository-clients.jar - Contains classes that create a G-Repository Client

We also perform a checksum on our GenRocket Jar, GenRocket Engine Jar, GenRocket Generator Jar, and GenRocket Receiver Jar. 

Please see the sections below to learn more about Java byte code, Jars, and the Java Runtime.

Java Byte Code

Java source files (.java) are read by the Java compiler, converted into byte code, and stored in a binary (.class) file. These .class files are meant to be interpreted and executed by a Java virtual machine (JVM).

Java Jar

A JAR (Java ARchive) is a package file format typically used to aggregate many Java class files and associated metadata and resources (text, images, etc.) into one file for distribution. Jars are built on the ZIP format and typically have a .jar file extension.

Java Runtime Explanation

The Java runtime environment is a piece of software that is designed to run other software. As the runtime environment for Java, the JRE contains the Java class libraries, the Java class loader, and the Java Virtual Machine. In this system:

  • The class loader is responsible for correctly loading classes and connecting them with the core Java class libraries.
  • The JVM is a virtual machinethat enables a computer to run Java programs and programs written in other languagesand compiled into Java byte code.
  • The JRE is mainly a container for those other components and is responsible for orchestrating their activities.