The EdgeCaseGen Generator generates edge case data useful for negative testing and testing edge cases.


The following parameters may be configured for the EdgeCaseGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • source* - References a value or Attribute to be returned when the edgeCase condition is false.

  • edgeCase* - References a value or Attribute to be returned when the edge case condition is true.

  • condition - Reference an Attribute whose Generator will only return a Boolean true or false value. The edgeCase value is return when True, and the source value is returned when False.

  • cycle - Defines the number of cycles the source value is returned before the edgeCase value is returned.

  • percentage - Defines the percentage of time the edgeCase value is returned as opposed to the source value being returned.

  • seed - Sets the seed on the internal random generator that is used when the edge case is being determined by percentage.

Example 1: Create a number between 1000-100,000 when condition is true; otherwise, create a number less than 1000

This example uses four total linked Generators. These three additional Generators are referenced by EdgeCaseGen Generator Parameters: 

  • RandomGen
  • RandomStringGen
  • RandomTrueFalseGen

The following are referenced in the EdgeCaseGen Generator configuration: 

  • source Parameter - References RandomGen (gen1)
  • edgeCase Parameter - References RandomStringGen (gen2)
  • condition Parameter - References RandomTrueFalseGen (gen3)

RandomGen Generator Configuration (source Parameter Reference): 

RandomStringGen Generator Configuration (edgeCase Parameter Reference):

RandomTrueFalseGen Generator Configuration (condition Parameter Reference): 

Sample Output

gen4 = Result. 

if condition is TRUE = result should be 1,000-100,000. 

if condition is FALSE = result should be less than 1,000.