When the Organization XSD is imported, the following automation will be done by GenRocket in only a few seconds:

  • Create seven template Domains (one, for each complex type) including adding Attributes with assigned Generators.
  • Assign a SegmentDataCreatorReceiver to each of the seven template Domains.
  • Create a merge Domain - it will be used to merge the segment data into one or more XML documents.
  • Assign the XMLSegmentMergeV2Receiver to the merge Domain.
  • Create and assign each of the seven Domains a Scenario.
  • Create a ScenarioChain and assign the seven template Domains and then assign the merge Domain as the last Domain in the set.
  • Create a ScenarioChainSet and assign the ScenarioChain to the ScenarioChainSet.
    • Note: even though there is only one ScenarioChain, a ScenarioChainSet is generated to maintain a consist auto-generation pattern. 
  • Create a Configurator - the XMLSegmentMergeV2Receiver reads and parses the XML Document and reads and parses the XSD document to automatically configure itself to merge and properly nest the generated segment data to one or more XML test data files.

Component Diagram

This Component Diagram shows most of the GenRocket key components (less the Attributes and Generators) that are auto-created to represent the Organization XSD structure within the GenRocket platform.