Behind the scenes, when GenRocket is parsing an XSD, GenRocket utilizes all of its five key components (Domains, Attributes, Generators, Receivers and Scenarios) plus additional GenRocket components (ScenarioChains, ScenarioChainSets and Configurator).  When GenRocket is processing the information extracted from an XSD, a lot of things start to happen:  

  • For each XSD ComplexType, GenRocket creates a Domain and its Attributes.
  • For each Domain, GenRocket attaches a SegmentDataCreatorReceiver.
  • For each Domain, GenRocket creates a Scenario.
  • For each set for 25 Scenarios, GenRocket creates a ScenarioChain.
  • For each set of 25 ScenarioChains, GenRocket creates a ScenarioChainSet.
  • GenRocket creates a Configurator - used by the XMLSegmentMergeV2Receiver to configure and create an XML document.

Now, imagine having to perform all of these tasks manually, creating Domains, Attributes, Generators, assigning Receivers, etc.  Now imagine having to perform these tasks manually for an XSD having 100 or more complexTypes. If you had to perform all of these tasks manually, it could take a very long time and that would not be very GenRocket would it?

This is why giving GenRocket an XSD to automatically parse and process to create all of the necessary GenRocket components is necessary; because, GenRocket can do in seconds or minutes what would manually take you hours or days to complete.