This document defines the web services for GenRocket User Management that will allow the manager to perform user management operations.

  • Add New User
  • Update User Information
  • Get User Information
  • Change Username
  • Enable User
  • Disable User
  • Revoke User License
  • Assign User License
  • Add Role
  • Remove Role

To use GenRocket User Management web services first a user need to login as a manager using login web service. 


The following parameters are required in this web service.

username: Defines a unique username which will gives existing user with admin role.

password: Defines password for to authenticate the existing user in GenRocket Organization.

Manager login curl command (Example)

curl -k --insecure -X POST -H "Accept:application/json;" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{"username":"", "password":"XXXXXXXX"}'

URL Request

API Payload Request (Example)


OK Payload Response (Example)

  "username": "",
  "accessToken": "XXXXX"

The access token is used as X-Auth-Token  for sessionId verification in other web services adding in Request Header.