What is Scratchpad?

GenRocket offers numerous ways to add Domains to your GenRocket Project including XTS (Extract Table Schema), DDL, CSV, Project Presets and Scratchpad. 

Step 1 - Use the GenRocket ScratchPad to Create the Domain

  • On the Project Dashboard, go to the New Domain button 
  • Click the New Domain button
  • Click the Scratch Pad menu option

Step 2 - Enter the name of your Domain and enter the Attributes

  • Enter the Name parameter for your Domain. In this example we have chosen to create a Domain called User
  • Set the Delimeter pulldown to LineFeed (a quick easy way to enter the Attributes into Scratchpad)
  • Type whatever Attributes you want to add into the Attributes text area.
  • Click the Create with Generators button

Step 3 - Preview and Save the Attributes

Step 4 - Globally Edit One or More Attributes

Scratchpad provides a way to quickly change the Generators that were automatically assigned to the Attributes by the Data Warehouse. Scratchpad also provides a way to quickly edit the parameter setting for each Generator.

Step 5 - Edit the birthDate Parameters

In this example the Flexible Date Range Generator was assigned to birthDate but we have decided we want to generate birth dates between 1955 and 2000. So we click on birthDate and 

Step 6 - Edit the Parameters

In this example we want to set the startDate to 1955-01-01 and have the end range end in 45 years so we click on the edit buttons to make those changes quickly.

Step 7 - Save the Changes

When the changes reflect what we want we click on the Save icon to the right of the data field and the changes are saved.

Step 8 - Review your new User Domain

See below. 

  1. A new User Domain was added into the Project
  2. The Attributes were added
  3. Generators were assigned to generate the necessary data
  4. The birthDate parameters were modified to generate the data in the desired date range

You are done! Domain setup complete