The Test Data Case Suite Report provides an overview of what data will be generated when the Test Data Case Suite is run. It shows each Test Data Category and each Test Data Case configuration for the suite.

What is a Test Data Case Suite Report? 

  • A Test Data Case Suite Report provides a quick view of the entire Test Data Case Suite Configuration. Within the dialog window, each Test Data Category is displayed along with each of its Test Data Cases and their corresponding loop counts.

When should you view a Test Data Case Suite Report?

  • When you quickly want to see what test data will be generated with a Test Data Case Suite. 

How to View a Test Data Case Suite Reports

This report can be viewed by completing the following steps: 

  • Select the appropriate Project within the Project Dashboard of the GenRocket web platform.

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for the right Project Version and then select G-Cases.

  • Click on the Page Icon within the table for a Test Data Case Suite to view the report.

  • The Test Data Case Suite Report will appear as a pop-up window. In the example below, there are 1 Test Data Category with 1 Test Data Case, a Test Data Rule Suite, and Test Data Queries.

  • Click on the Plus (+) located to the left of a Test Data Case Name to view the Domains. 

    Note: Click Close in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window to close the report.