A Test Data Case Suite may be deleted at any time, as long as it has not been locked. For more information, please see How to Lock and Unlock Test Data Case Suites.

How to Delete a Test Data Case Suite

To delete a Test Data Case Suite, complete the following steps:

  • Select the appropriate Project within the Project Dashboard of the GenRocket web platform.

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for the right Project Version and then select G-Cases.

  • Click on the Delete (Trash Can) Icon within the table for a Test Data Case Suite to delete it.

    Note: If the Delete Icon does not appear in the table, then the Test Data Case Suite is locked. It will need to be unlocked
     to delete it.

  • Click on Yes in the confirmation message to delete the Test Data Case Suite from the Project and/or Project Version.

  • The Test Data Case Suite will no longer appear in the table.

    Note: Click No to close this message without deleting the Test Data Case Suite.