A Project or Project Version may have multiple Test Data Rule Sets. Each set consists of one or multiple Test Data Rules, which have their own Conditions and Actions.

To add a new Test Data Rule Set for a selected Project and Version, complete the following steps:

  • Expand the Manage Menu option for the appropriate Project Version within the Project Dashboard.

  • Next, select Test Data Rules from the menu.

  • Click on Add Test Data Rule Set below the table to begin.

  • Enter a Name and Description (Optional) for the Test Data Rule Set.

  • Click Save to finish. For this example, we will call it TestDataExample.

    Note: When adding a Test Data Rule Set, Rules will be added to the end of the name.  

  • The new Test Data Rule Set will appear in the table and be automatically selected, as shown below:

  • The configuration details of a selected Test Data Rule Set are displayed below the table.