Sometimes when working with a Project you may have one or more Domains that need to have the same Receiver. 

Rather than adding the Receiver to each Domain individually, you can perform a Global Edit and add the new Receiver to multiple Domains at one time.

This article shows how to do the following: 

  • Add a New Receiver to Multiple Domains
  • Configure Receiver Parameters for Multiple Domains

Adding a New Receiver to Multiple Domains

To add a new Receiver to multiple Domains, complete the following steps: 

  • Select the appropriate Project within the Project Dashboard of the GenRocket web platform.

  • Next, click on a Domain within the Project to access the Domain Dashboard.

  • In this example, the Address Domain will be chosen.

  • Click on the Global Editing Menu located in the top left corner of the Domain Dashboard to view each option.

  • Click on Add a New Receiver to Multiple Domains.

  • Click on a Domain within the Available Domains List and then click on the Left-Facing Arrow to add it to the Chosen Domains List.

  • To select more than one Domain at a time, perform a Shift + Click action.

  • Once all desired Domains have been added to the Chosen Domains List, click Next.

  • For this example, all three Domains (Department, User, and Address) have been added.

  • Use the Add A Receiver pop-up window to locate the Receiver for the selected Domains.

  • Click on the Receivers Filter input field and type all or part of the Receiver Name to search for a specific Receiver.

  • Then click on the Plus (+) to add the desired Receiver. For this example, the DelimitedFileReceiver will be chosen.

  • You may change the name if desired. Click Save to finish adding the Receiver to the selected Domains.

Configuring Receiver Parameters for Multiple Domains

Once the Receiver has been added, you will have the opportunity to edit its Parameters for each selected Domain either individually or all at once. 

To configure one or more Receiver Parameters, complete the following steps: 

  • A pop-up window will appear for globally editing the Receiver Parameters for each Domain. Each row represents an added Domain and its Receiver Parameters.

  • These are the same Attributes you would see when editing the Parameters for a Receiver when added individually to a Domain.

    Note: The displayed Receiver Parameters will depend on the selected Receiver.

  • For this example, all that needs to be edited is the File Name. This can be done individually or for all Domains at the same time.

  • Receiver Parameters can be edited for a single Domain by clicking on the Pencil Icon within the appropriate Parameter column within the table.

  • Change the value and then click the Save Icon.

  • To change a Receiver Parameter for multiple Domains at one time, use the Check All option or each Individual Check Box to select the Domains.

  • Use the Select Receiver Parameter menu to select the Parameter you would like to edit.

  • For this example, the fileName Receiver Parameter will be chosen. These same steps can be used to edit other Receiver Parameters as well.

  • Enter the Value to be assigned to the Receiver Parameter for each Domain.  For this example, it will be test.csv.

  • Click Save to save the change.

  • The updated information will appear for the appropriate Receiver Parameter and Domains within the table.

  • Click Close to close this pop-up window.