Each Project Version may have one or more Test Data Queries. To see this information, you will need to view Test Data Queries for the appropriate Test Data Project and Project Version.

What is a Test Data Query?

  • A Test Data Query queries real data from a defined database or CSV file and then blends it with synthetically generated test data when run with a Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set. 

When should you use a Test Data Queries? 

  • Test Data Queries should be used when you want to blend real data with synthetically generated test data to meet specific testing goals. Test Data Queries can be used on their own to generate test data or added to a Test Data Case.


In This Article

This article covers the following topics:

How to Access Test Data Queries

To access Test Data Queries for a Project, complete the following steps: 

  • Select the appropriate Project within the Project Dashboard.

  • Use the Filter input field to enter part or all of the Project Name and then click on the Project Link.

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for the appropriate Project Version and then select G-Queries.

  • Each Test Data Query will be displayed in a table. Here, you can manage an existing query or add a new query.

    Note: If no Test Data Queries exist for the selected Project or Project Version, the table will be empty. 

How to Filter Test Data Queries

To locate a specific Test Data Query, complete the following steps: 

  • Click on the Filter input field and type all or part of the name of the Test Data Query.

  • Test Data Queries matching the entered filter will be displayed within the table. Reward has been entered for this example.

How to View a Test Data Query Configuration 

To view the configuration for a specific Test Data Query, complete the following steps: 

  • Click on a Test Data Query within the table to select it and view its configuration.

  • The current configuration will appear below the table.

  • Here, you can view and manage the Parameters, Query, Organization Variable Sets, and Domain Attributes for the Test Data Query.

Performing Additional Actions

Additional options can be found within the Action Column on the far right of the table for each Test Data Query. 

These icons can be used to perform the following actions (in order from left to right). Click on the link to the right of the icon to learn more.



Edit a Test Data Query

Create a Copy of a Test Data Query

Download a Test Data Query

Lock and Unlock Test Data Queries

Delete a Test Data Query