A Test Data Query may be copied to create a new query for the same Project Version. An exact copy will be created when a Test Data Query is copied. The user can give the query a new name, change the description, and choose a different Query Type if desired.

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When Should a Test Data Query Be Copies? 

  • Any time a new query requires all or part of the existing configuration. 
  • This reduces the time it takes to set up a new query.

How is a Test Data Query Copied?

  1. Copy a Test Data Query in the G-Query Dashboard
  2. Give the Query a New Name
  3. Enter or modify the Description
  4. (Optional) change the Query Type
  5. Save your changes
  6. Make any needed modifications to the query configuration

For this article, we will be creating a copy of the Test Data Query shown below:

How to Create a Copy of a Test Data Query

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for the appropriate Project Version.

  • Next, select G-Queries from the menu.

  • Click the Copy Icon within the Action Column for the Test Data Query.

  • Enter a new Name and Description (Optional) for the copy of the Test Data Query.

  • (Optional) Choose a different query Type (e.g., Query Before, Query After).

  • Click Save to finish.

  • The copied Test Data Query will appear in the table. The new query will be selected automatically.

  • It will have the same configuration as the copied Test Data Query and can be managed separately from the original Test Data Query.