A Test Data Query may be copied and used to create a new query for the same project version. An exact copy will be created when a Test Data Query is copied and it will be given a new name. 

When should you copy a Test Data Query? 

A Test Data Query should be copied when a new query requires all or part of the existing configuration. For example, a copy could be created if the same Parameters will be used, but the Query and/or Columns need to be altered slightly.  This decreases the time it takes to create a new Test Data Query and prevents the original from being altered. 

How does copying a Test Data Query Work?

When a Test Data Query is copied, you will give it a new name and description. Additionally, you will have the option to select a different Query Type. The copied Test Data Query will have the same configuration and can be altered separately.

For this article, we will be creating a copy of the Test Data Query shown below:

How to Create a Copy of a Test Data Query

  • Expand the Manage Menu option for the appropriate Project Version.

  • Next, select G-Queries from the menu.

  • Click on the Copy Icon within the Action Column for the Test Data Query.

  • Enter a new Name and Description (Optional) for the copy of the Test Data Query.

  • A different Type may be selected as well.

  • Click Save to finish.

  • The copied Test Data Query will appear in the table. The new query will be selected automatically.

  • It will have the same configuration as the Test Data Query that was copied and can be managed separately from the original Test Data Query.