At any time, you can edit a Test Data Query and make changes to its Name, Description, and/or Query Type. This can be done from the G-Query Dashboard by following the steps outlined in this article.

How to Edit a Test Data Query

  • Select the appropriate Project within the Project Dashboard of the GenRocket web platform.

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for the right Project Version.

  • Select G-Queries.

  • Click on the Edit (Pencil) Icon within the table for a Test Data Query to make changes.

  • Click on the Name field within the pop-up window to remove the current name and enter a new name.

  • You may add or edit the Description or select a different Query Type from the drop-down menu.

  • Click Save once finished.

    Note: When renaming a Test Data Query, remember to use the new name in your command line when
    running the Test Data Query.