Yes, GenRocket can generate X12 EDI Test Data such as EDI 278, 837, 834, 835 and 850.

Provisioning data for testing an X12 EDI-based application is different than most other test data requirements. X12 EDI test data must contain clinically accurate data for diagnostic and procedure codes, valid member and provider IDs, and realistic transaction data in a variety of patterns and permutations to validate business logic and fully test application workflows (e.g., testing the claims approval and denial process).

Before GenRocket’s X12 EDI test data management solution, there were no viable alternatives to the use of masked production data to meet this difficult test data challenge. The use of production data poses a HIPPA security compliance risk, and it masked production data has many limitations for software testing applications.

GenRocket's X12 EDI test data solution allows testers to generate clinically accurate test data to conduct controlled test procedures for:

  • Positive and negative testing
  • Range and boundary testing
  • Data permutations and combinations
  • Workflow testing across multiple APIs
  • Synthetic data to ensure patient privacy
  • Production data to inject real-world data values
  • High volume data for load and performance testing

With GenRocket X12 EDI Test Data Management, testers can specify the exact data needed for each test case and generate that data in the required X12 EDI format, such as 837, 834, 835, 274, 278 in healthcare applications and 850 for purchasing applications.

To learn more, please watch this 3-minute X12 EDI solutions video:

Note: Additional information can be found within the EDI Test Data Management section of the documentation.