To generate EDI test data, an EDI Project will need to be set up for a selected document type, version, and document. This can be accomplished through the EDI Store in GenRocket.

Important: If an EDI Project has already been created for the same EDI Document or Transaction Set and it has the standard naming convention, a version will be created rather than a new EDI Project. 

Note: Please see this page before continuing if multiple EDI Projects need to be created for the same EDI Document or Transaction Set: EDI Project Standard Naming Convention.

How to Create an EDI Project

Complete these steps to create an EDI Project for a selected EDI Document Type:

  • Locate the desired document type in the EDI Document pane.

  • Click on the Document Type to select it.

  • Click on Create Project for the appropriate document.

  • Click Yes to create the EDI Project.

  • The project will be created automatically for you. Please wait patiently as this may take a few minutes to be set up in the system.

  • Click OK within the notification to close it.

  • A second notification will be provided once the EDI Project has been successfully created. Click OK to close this message.

  • Once the EDI Project has been created, you will be able to view it within the EDI Management Dashboard.

    Note: For more information about the interface components of the EDI Store, please see: EDI Store Overview.