The EDI Store is where you will select an EDI Document Type, Version, and Document to create a Project in GenRocket. It will appear as shown below:

How to Access the EDI Store

The EDI Store can be accessed by clicking on the EDI Store button in the upper right corner of the EDI Management Dashboard.

EDI Store Panes

The EDI Store contains three panes, which are used to select the document type, document version, and the document to be used when creating a new EDI Project in GenRocket.

EDI Document Pane

The EDI Document pane contains every EDI Document and Transaction Set type supported by GenRocket for test data generation. 

Here, you can use the filter to find a specific document or scroll up and down to locate a document.

EDI Document Version Pane

The EDI Document Version pane displays every version available for a selected EDI Document or Transaction Set. 

At least one version will be displayed when an EDI Document or Transaction Set has been selected. 

Note: When multiple versions exist, you can select a version before selecting a document and creating your project. 

EDI Document Selection Pane

The EDI Document Selection pane displays all available documents from selections made in the EDI Document and EDI Document Version panes. 

This pane can be used to select a specific document or transaction set and create an EDI Project for the selection.

EDI Store Buttons and Options

The following buttons and options can be found within the EDI Store:




EDI ManagementReturn to the EDI Management Dashboard.
Create ProjectCreate a Project in GenRocket for the EDI Document or Transaction Set.
Show DetailsView more details about a specific EDI Document or Transaction Set.