Java is necessary to run GenRocket Runtime on your computer for generating test data. Your computers must have at minimum Java 8 installed to run GenRocket Runtime. GenRocket does not support the following versions of Java:

  • Java 1.8 u20 

This article will show how to install Java SE Development Kit (JDK ) version 8u211 on a Windows Computer. The steps are similar when installing Java Runtime Environment (JRE). 

Note: These steps will be identical for any version of Java; however, in older versions, the wizard will appear in red rather then blue.

Note: If you are not certain if Java is installed or do not know the current version, view this article: How to Check your Java Version.

Step 1 - Download the Java Install File to your Computer

To see step-by-step instructions for downloading versions of JDK 8 or JRE 8, please see this page: How to Download Earlier Java Versions for GenRocket Runtime.

Step 2 - Install Java on your Computer

  • Double click on the Java install file within your Downloads folder.

  • Click Next in the Installation Wizard to continue.

  • Here, you can choose optional features to include within the install or change the default installation directory.

  • Click Next to continue.

    Note: Click the Change button to change the install path.

  • Click Next again to begin the install. 

  • Wait patiently for the install to finish.

  • Click Close to close the install window.