GenRocket Runtime is a Java-based software, therefore, Java is required to be installed on your computer to run GenRocket Runtime for generating test data. Your computers must have at minimum Java 8 installed to run GenRocket Runtime. GenRocket does not support the following versions of Java:

  • Java 1.8 u20 

Note: If you are not certain if Java is installed or want to know the current version, view this article: How to Check your Java Version.

Note: The steps will be identical for any operating system. 

How to Download a Version of Java 8

This article focuses on the following download options:

  • Downloading Earlier Versions of Java SE Development Kit (JDK)  8
  • Downloading Java Development Kit (JDK) and (Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Versions 8u211, 8u212, and 8u221.

Step 1 - Create an Oracle Login Account

  • Click here to access the Oracle website for downloading the latest versions of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

  • Only the latest versions of Java can be downloaded directly from this web page.

  • You will need to download an earlier version of Java for GenRocket Runtime. 

  • To download earlier versions, you will need to have a login account. Scroll to the bottom of this page. 

  • Click on My Oracle Support and create an account or log in.

Step 2a - How to Download Versions Earlier than JDK 8u211

Note: To learn how to download JDK or JRE 8u211, 8u212, or 8u221, see the next section.

For versions earlier than 8u211, complete the steps below to download the Java install file:

Step 2b - How to Download JDK and JRE: 8u211, 8u212, or 8u221

These versions for JDK and JRE can be downloaded from the link provided below. You will need an Oracle login to view this page. Downloads are provided for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows x64/x86. 

  • Once the license agreement has been accepted, you will be able to download JDK or JRE 8u211.

  • Locate the appropriate operating system within the Product / File Description column.

  • Then click on the appropriate download link within the Download column.

Note: If you cannot access the provided links or require a different version, contact our support team for additional assistance.