When an EDI Project is created, all Domains, Attributes, Receivers, and Scenarios necessary to create test data for the standardized document or transaction set are created automatically. 

You may make changes to the standard configuration to ensure the required test data is generated correctly based on specific needs.

This can be done by removing specific segments or loops, assigning different generators, or changing the Generator configuration including values or references. 

How to View Attributes, Generators, and Values for a Segment

  • Click on the Jump to Domain option for a specific segment in an EDI Document. For this example, the Beginning Segment of an 850 Purchase Order will be selected.

  • Next, select the Attribute within the Domain Dashboard. For this example, the purposeCode01 Attribute will be selected.

  • This will display the Generator configuration for the selected Attribute. 

  • Here, you can assign a different Generator, alter the current Generator's configuration, or change values for the assigned Generator.

Global Attributes

Global Attributes provide a way to reference an Attribute at the Organization Level for your EDI Projects. Global Attributes allow an Attribute's generated value to be referenced by multiple Projects without the need to perform the same steps to configure the Attribute in each Project. 

You can set up a collection of Global Attributes with their own Generator configurations and then reference them via Test Data Cases as neededFor more information, please see this article: Global Attributes Overview.