When an EDI Project is created, all Domains, Attributes, Receivers, and Scenarios necessary to create a standard EDI document or transaction set are created automatically. 

Changes made to the standard template through the EDI Management Dashboard are at the Project Version level and apply to every generated EDI Document. 

How to View Attributes, Generators, and Values for a Segment

  • Click on the Jump to Domain option for a specific segment in an EDI Document. For this example, the Beginning Segment of an 850 Purchase Order will be selected.

  • Next, select the Attribute within the Domain Dashboard. For this example, the purposeCode01 Attribute will be chosen.

  • This will display the Generator configuration for the selected Attribute.

  • Here, you can assign a different Generator, alter the current Generator's configuration, or change values for the assigned Generator.

    Note: Please remember that these changes apply to the EDI Document standard template and apply to all users using the EDI Project/Project Version to generate EDI test data.