Each Segment has specific Attributes with assigned Generators. Generators are used to assign values when generating test data based on the standardized EDI Document. 

The following Generators are typically used for an EDI Document: 

  • ListGen - Used to generate data based on a list of possible values in sequential or random order. This generator is often used for qualifier code values in the EDI Document.

  • ConstantGen - Used to generate constant values.

  • FlexibleDateGen - Used to generate a date.

  • SwitchGen - Used to apply an If/Else statement when generating test data. For example, when there is a Manufacturing Date and a Factory Exit Date, these dates cannot be the same. SwitchGen may be used to ensure that the Factory Exit Date is later than the Manufacturing Date. 

Note: Many additional Generators are available for generating values; however, the purpose of this article is to introduce you to those that are commonly used and to show how to assign a different Generator to a Segment Attribute. 

How to Assign a Different Generator? 

A Generator can be assigned to any Attribute for an EDI Segment by completing these steps: 

  • Click on the Attribute within the Domain Dashboard for the Segment.

  • For this example, the releaseNumber04 Attribute will be selected and changed to the ConstantGen Generator.

  • The Quick Generator Replacement menu may be used to assign a new Generator to an Attribute.

  • Type all or part of the Generator Name. You may also search through the drop-down menu.

  • Click Replace to replace the current Generator with a new one. In this example, it will be replaced with ConstantGen.

  • Make any needed changes to the Generator configuration. For this example, 20 has been entered as the value.

  • Click Save Generator to save your changes.