Test Data Projects contain the data model for each application or database for which test data should be generated in GenRocket. A project represents one data model. For example, if a user wants to generate test data for a Customer Database, this would be a single test data project. To learn more about Projects, click here.

Each Test Data Project has an owner, which is the user who created the project. Projects may be filtered by the owner within the Project Dashboard 

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Project Creation Options

The following options are available when creating a Project. If they are not configured, a basic Project will be created.




Name of the Project. Required
DescriptionA description of the Project.
Industry TypeSelecting an Industry helps GenRocket Data Warehouse more accurately assign the appropriate Generator to Domain Attributes for a given industry. Optional
TeamAdd the Project to a Team. (See Team Management)

Note: The user creating the Project will be the only assigned Team Member and have full permissions for the Project. Additional users can be added as Team Members and assigned specific permissions after creating the Project. 

Master ProjectDesignate the Project as a Master Project. (See Master Projects)Optional

How to Create a New Test Data Project

  • Navigate to the Projects Pane within the Project Dashboard.

  • Click the New Project button. 

  • The New Project dialog box appears.

  • Enter a Project Name and a Project Description (optional but recommended).

  • (Optional) Select the Industry Type and/or select a Team.

  • (Optional) Tick the Master Project checkbox. 

  • Click the Save button.

  • The new Project will be added to the list of projects. 

  • Additional panes will appear within the Project Dashboard for configuring and managing the Project. 

  • New Projects automatically have a default Project Version.

Next Steps - Import or Create Data Model

Once a Project has been created, it is time to import your Data Model or manually create the required Domains.

  • Import Data Model - XTS, XSD, CSV, DDL, JSON, JSON Schema, Avro JSON Schema, Spark Schema, YAML, Salesforce, or Presets.

  • Manually Create Domains- Scratch Pad, New Domain, Quick Pattern, and New Domain.

Note: To learn more about the available methods to create Domains, click here.

Troubleshooting - I cannot see the New Project Button

If the New Project button is not visible within the Projects Pane in the Project Dashboard, you have not been given permission within the GenRocket web platform to create a new Project. 

Please contact the Organization Admin for GenRocket within your organization. They can assign the appropriate role if you should be permitted to create Projects in the GenRocket web platform.