The FeatureFileV2Gen Generator reads and parses a column from a Feature File using identifierTypes.


The following parameters may be configured for the FeatureFileV2Gen Generator. Parameters with an asterisk (*) are required.

  • filePath* - Defines the directory on a local computer where the feature file is located.
  • fileName* - Defines the file name of the feature file.
  • subDirectory - Defines an optional sub-directory under the file path.
  • columnName* - Defines the name of the column within the feature file to parse.
  • identifier - Defines an optional identifier within the feature file to land on when more than one identifier is defined within the feature file. The identifier must be numeric (if provided) in case of Block identifierType.
  • identifierType* - Defines identifierType within the feature file to land on within the feature file.
  • setLoop* - Overrides the loop count at the Scenario level to the number of rows that were parsed from the feature file.
  • exampleValue* - Stores a value as an example of the parsed column value.

Type of Identifiers

  • Tag (Example: @demotag)
  • Scenario (Example: Scenario:DemoScenario)
  • Scenario Outline (Example: ScenarioOutline:DemoScenarioOutline)
  • Block (If Blocks are separated by an Empty line)
  • None

Note: If an identifierType is selected other than none, and no identifier is provided, this Generator will read the first block of that particular identifierType in the Feature File. 

Note: If none is selected as the identifierType then, this Generator will read the first block present in the Feature File.