Corporate networks often add a proxy server to provide an additional layer of security when communicating with servers outside the company's firewall. The proxy server is typically configured to control and restrict access to web content.

Internal clients connect to the proxy server and request external resources. The proxy server establishes the connection with the external resource and forwards responses back to the client.


Using the Proxy Setting for GenRocket Runtime

The following steps are necessary to use the Proxy Setting for GenRocket Runtime:

  • The user needs to add Proxy values in the .genrocket/ file.

  • The GenRocket Runtime engine will read these proxy values from the .genrocket/ file and apply to the proxy setting for the application based on the configured property values.

Proxy Setting Properties and Descriptions

  • GR_PROXY_SET - Apply proxy settings over GenRocket Runtime. Accepted values: true/false.
  • GR_PROXY_SYSTEM_SET - Apply existing system proxy over GenRocket Runtime. Accepted values: true/false.
  • GR_PROXY_HOST - The host name or IP Address of the proxy server. For example: or,
  • GR_PROXY_PORT - The port number. The default value is 80.
  • GR_PROXY_SCHEME - Protocol used for the proxy. The default value is 'http'.
  • GR_PROXY_AUTH - Enables the proxy authentication based on the credentials. Accepted values are true/false. The default value is false.
  • GR_PROXY_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_AUTH - A switch between using the standard authentication method or a secondary method while applying system level proxy i.e., when the value for GR_PROXY_SYSTEM_SET=true. Accepted values are true/false. The default value is true, which tries to authenticate using the standard method.
  • GR_PROXY_USER - The proxy username. The default value is empty.
  • GR_PROXY_PASSWORD - The http proxy password. The default value is empty.
  • GR_PROXY_NON_PROXY_HOSTS - A list of hosts that should be reached directly, bypassing the proxy. This is a list of patterns separated by '|'. The patterns may start or end with a '*' for wildcards. Any host matching one of these patterns will be reached through a direct connection instead of through a proxy.

Proxy Setting Example

The example provided below shows the Proxy Setting parameter configuration for a user: