Wishing you a Happy New Year 2020 from GenRocket team. We have a lot of new and exciting features planned for this year. So sit tight and keep checking this forum for the latest update on all the features released!

Install GenRocket in a custom location:

When installing GenRocket to your local workstation or server, the default installation location is in the User’s home directory. However, in a secured machine with limited permission this can be challenging. We have recently updated the GenRocket Engine so we can now change the setup folder to a different folder location or even a different local drive (For E.g. D:\.genrocket). To know how to set change the setup folder, refer this KB article.

Proxy Settings for GenRocket Runtime:

Corporate networks often add a proxy server to provide an additional layer of security when communicating with networks outside the company's firewall. We have added the ability for the GenRocket Engine to use a Proxy Setting if you use a Proxy Server to connect to the Public Internet. Use this link to learn more on how to configure the Proxy Server in GenRocket Runtime.

New Admin role without a License:

Organization Admins do not always require access to the Projects created in GenRocket or need to generate test data. So we have created a role for Organization admins who has all the administrator access like, assigning new Licenses, Teams Permission, Reports etc and does not require a License to do this. If you want to change your Admin or add a new user as an Organization Admin, contact your Customer Success Manager or drop us an email at support@genrocket.com

New Generators:

We have recently crossed 250 Generators in GenRocket Platform and recently added two more Generators which makes the total number of Generators 252

PermutationCSVGen - The PermutationCSVGen Generator loads a list of values from a CSV file. Then it communicates with other Attributes within the same Domain, also using a Permutation type Generator, to compute the sum of all possible permutations.

DUKPTEncryptGen - This Generator encrypts a value using the DUKPT Algorithm