GenRocket offers its own method of data masking called Synthetic Data Replacement (SDR). Synthetic Data Replacement or SDR is used to replace sensitive data values with synthetically generated values prior to insertion into the destination database. Production data remains safe on the source database during this process.

The Synthetic Data Replacement approach offers several advantages that are not offered by traditional Test Data Management (TDM) tools. The following topics are covered in this article: 

GenRocket Synthetic Data Replacement (SDR) Features

SDR can be used to mask sensitive data values prior to inserting a subset of data from a source database into a destination database. The following benefits are provided with SDR: 

  • Non-sensitive data from a source database is inserted into a destination database using G-Migration+.
  • Sensitive production data values have GenRocket Domains and Attributes created for them (e.g., a User Domain with Attributes like Name, Phone Number, SSN, Credit Card, etc.)
  • When the data migration occurs using G-Migration+, GenRocket simultaneously generates synthetic data for the sensitive data values that are required in the destination database prior to insertion.
  • Sensitive production data is never looked at, stored, or moved outside of the production database. The Synthetic Data Replacement (SDR) process is 100% secure.  
  • Also, synthetically generated data through the SDR process is of higher quality for testing than masked production data:
    • Data can meet all conditions; e.g., Credit Card values do not start with 666
    • Data can meet all rules; e.g., only generate SSNs for U.S. residents
    • Data can be automatically generated for edge case tests
    • Data can have a controlled amount of null data; e.g., 20% of credit cards should have no number


Note: For more information about how synthetic test data can be used to maximize test coverage, take a minute to check out this blog post.  

Data Discovery

  • As GenRocket's primary focus is to generate high-quality data and blend some queried production data, data discovery features are not offered by GenRocket.
  • While traditional Test Data Management (TDM) tools offer data discovery tools, they are not 100% accurate and cannot guarantee that they will discover every sensitive data field in an entire application or database.
  • As GenRocket's approach to test data automation provides higher quality data, faster delivery, and many automations vs. traditional TDM tools, the GenRocket team has chosen not to add data discovery to the platform.

Data Profiling

  • GenRocket is a Test Data Automation platform and is not a data analytics tool. There are many comprehensive data analytics tools on the market that can look at and profile production data; this is not GenRocket's area of focus.