G-Repository is a set of GenRocket feature components that automatically manage the downloading, updating, and deleting of GenRocket Scenarios, ScenarioChains, ScenarioChainSets, StorySuites, StoryEpics, and other Configuration files, to your corporate environment, behind your corporate firewall, and handles the distribution of these components to your corporate GenRocket licensed User's personal computer and your corporate GenRocket licensed test servers.

Learn All About G-Repository Security, Benefits & Components

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G-Repository Summary Security BenefitsGet an executive summary of why G-Repository is a secure solution
G-Repository Detailed Security Overview
Get detailed answers to common G-Repository security questions
G-Repository Management Benefits
Learn about G-Repository key management benefits
G-Repository Key ComponentsLearn about G-Repository key components
G-Repository Server - How It WorksLearn how the G-Repository Server works
G-Repository Client - How It WorksLearn how the G-Repository Client works
G-Repository - Deployment StrategiesLearn how best to deploy G-Repository Servers and Clients
G-Repository Server - SetupLearn how to set up a G-Repository Server
G-Repository Client Repos - SetupLearn how to setup up a G-Repository Client Repo
G-Repository Server - Command-Line OptionsLearn G-Repository Server Command-Line Options
G-Repository Client - Command-Line OptionsLearn G-Repository Client Command-Line Options
G-Repository Client - Command-Line Run OptionsLearn G-Repository Run Commands and Specific Syntax
G-Repository Help
Learn G-Repository Help Command-line Option
For Curious Geeks and Just for FunLearn how Scenario-Run Stats are sent to GenRocket's Data Warehouse