The CSVToMapGen Generator allows you to read data from one or more columns from the CSV file.


The following parameters may be configured for the CSVToMapGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • path* - Defines the path where the CSV file is located.

  • subDir - Defines an optional sub-directory under the resourcePath where the CSV file exists.

  • fileName* - Defines the name of the CSV file located on the user's system.

  • columnNames - Defines the list of columns to read the data from.

  • delimiter* - Defines what delimiter is used to separate column data within the CSV file.

  • bufferSize* - Defines how many rows to keep in memory at once from the CSV in order to avoid the memory out of exception.

  • setLoop* - setLoop gives you the ability to OVERRIDE the loop count at the Scenario level and ONLY produce the  number of rows that are defined in this list. Note: This does not apply to GenRocket Express, as it does not use Scenarios.

  • listStores one value on each line in the list. To add values, type them in and then hit ENTER . Note that the listed value shown is only for simulation mode; when running a true Scenario, the data will be loaded from the specified resource.