The GermanAddressGen Generator generates addresses consisting of a sub-locality, street number, and name.


The following parameters may be configured for the GermanAddressGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required.

  • streetNames* - Select between names of famous leaders or names of trees (260 trees).

  • randomize* - Defines whether the street name will be randomized.

  • usePOBoxAddress* - Defines whether the P.O. Box address is used or not.

  • separator - Defines separator to separate street name with street numbers.

  • startNumber* - Defines a starting street number.

  • endNumber - Defines the ending street number.

  • waitAmount* - Defines how many iterations the street name will remain the same while the street number is still increasing.

  • jumpAmount* - Defines the amount to jump between street numbers.

  • seed¬†- Defines an optional seed for randomization. Using the seed will ensure that the same random data is generated each time data is generated.¬†

Sample Output