The MatchStringGen Generator checks a string for a value match using a contains, startsWith, or endsWith matching function.


The following parameters may be configured for the MatchStringGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • matchType* - Defines the function to use for matching. The following functions are: 
    • contains
    • startsWith
    • endsWith

  • string* - A string or reference to an Attribute whose string will be checked for a match.

  • value* - A string or reference to an Attribute whose string will be used by the matching function at the token to match.

  • monthCase* - Determines if the string and value are case sensitive when matching.

  • notResult* - Switches the Boolean result.
    • "not" of  false = true
    • "not" of true = false

Example 1: Check for the Number 4 in a Random Generated Number String

For this example. two Generators have been linked to show the random generated number string and the MatchStringGen Generator output. 

The RandomStringGen Generator generates the random number string and will be referenced by the string Parameter of the MatchStringGen Generator.

Here is the RandomStringGen Generator configuration: 

Sample Output

gen1 = Random Generated String

gen2 = Result Based on Generated String

For this example, each string containing a "4" will show true: