G-Analytics can be used to view pre-defined reporting dashboards that provide statistics and reporting information based on usage. Each dashboard has a pre-configured set of reports that provide detailed statistics regarding Organizations, Projects, Project Versions, Domains, and much more.

Who can use G-Analytics?

  • G-Analytics can be accessed and viewed by all GenRocket users.

How is Data Collected for Reports?

Data displayed in G-Analytics Reports are collected from two sources:  

  • GenRocket Cloud - Activity is collected automatically with no additional setup requirements. This includes Project Setup, Domains, Attributes, etc.

  • Local Environment Usage Statistics - Statistics on runtime activities such as scenario runs that occur in the client environment is collected in GenRocket Cloud through G-Repository.   Client must have G-Repository installed and active (connected to GenRocket cloud)  to send statistics to GenRocket Cloud. 

Note: If G-Repository is not installed/active, local environment activity will not be reported because GenRocket Cloud has no visibility into a client's local environment.

How to Access G-Analytics

  • Click on the Organization Menu in the upper right corner of the application.

  • Select G-Analytics on the menu.


Additional Information

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