The following error is common when something is not set up correctly with your environment variables:

This can be due to a value being wrong for either the GEN_ROCKET_HOME variable or the PATH variable. It sometimes occurs when another value is present for the PATH variable as well.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you receive this error while running the GenRocket Command, try the following: 

  • Type echo %PATH% into your command prompt to make certain your GEN_ROCKET_HOME variable value is listed. It should return the actual path entered of genrocket\bin (i.e. C:\Users\User Name\genrocket\bin).

  • If it does not appear in the echo %PATH% output, double check that the values of your variables are correct.

  • Important: If another value is present for the PATH environment variable, it could prevent the genrocket command from being recognized. Additional troubleshooting may be required in this case.

  • Visit this link if you need more help Setting up Windows Environment Variables.

    Note: The command window will need to be exited and opened again each time changes are made to the environment variables.