Yes, values can be referenced or mapped across multiple EDI Projects. This can be accomplished in one of three ways: 

Organization Attributes

Organization Attributes provide a way to reference an Attribute at the Organization Level for EDI Projects. They allow an Attribute's generated value to be referenced by multiple Projects without needing to perform the same steps to configure the Attribute within each Project. 

A user can set up a collection of Organization Attributes, which can then be referenced by the RereferenceGen Generator either at the Project Level or the Test Data Case Level.

A good example would be using a suite of Organization Attributes to ensure the same date information is mapped between two EDI documents (e.g., EDI 837i and 835 documents). See this article to learn moreOrganization Attributes Overview.

G-Map Server

G-Map Server allows Domain Attributes to put key/value data into mapped memory and disk cache and allows other Domain Attributes to get value data from cache with a key. When its mapped memory cache is full, it uses a Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithm to retrieve values from its disk cache to place into mapped memory. 

A G-Map Server is a good choice for mapping personal identification information between multiple EDI documents. See this article to learn more: G-MapServer Overview.


G-Queries can be used to query existing data within a file. The queried data is used based on the defined by mapping the Column within the file to the appropriate Attribute. 

G-Queries are an excellent choice for mapping data values for multiple elements across multiple EDI documents. See this article to learn more: Test Data Queries (G-Queries) Overview.